What the students say…

Here’s a few comments so far from our students:

  • ‘It was fun, I learnt that you can make a better film if you plan it!’
  • ‘I learnt how to feel confident in front of the camera and how to make a one minute clip.  I felt it was fun.’
  • ‘Today I have edited my movie and made it look really nice.  I would have liked a bit more time to do that.’
  • ‘I learnt a lot of things – too many to explain’

When we treat our students as part of the team and give them responsibility, that becomes their gateway into learning.

Their perspective on authority is radically different to ours and giving them the opportunity to express that, in a professional environment with professional equipment, granting them ownership over the production and allowing them to feel confident about saying what they want to say… well, the results speak volumes.

See their work and process in our Authority project page!

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