Team Protégé


Protégé is based on the belief that each one of us has something unique to offer. But many children today are not able to achieve their full potential. Why? Sometimes, because they are not able to perform well, conform well and follow the rules. However, great people who have changed our world did not do so by following the rules – Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Einstein, Mozart, Leonardo da Vinci… These rule-breakers are the inspiration for Protégé. Sabita Kumari-Dass, Director


Young people are not only the future but also the hope of survival. We have consigned to our inheritors a legacy of ‘change, innovate or perish.’ No pressure then. If we expect young people to acquire skills and knowledge to save us as a species, it is not reasonable but a moral imperative to involve them in the planning and delivery of learning and to listen to  their opinions and ideas.


Scepticism, disillusionment, disengagement and apathy – words to make any parent or teacher’s toes curl. And yet these are some of  the attitudes and mindsets attributed to young people who have been excluded from school. At Protégé we reject the deficit model of ‘understanding’ young peoples’ abilities in favour of a more affirmative approach which involves excluded young people as drivers of their own learning, so we in turn, may learn from their learning.