Temples Of Industry

In partnership with Gunnersbury Park & Museum, Protégé explored the history of London’s Great West Road, also known as the ‘Golden Mile’.

Interviewing local residents and those who worked at the factories that once graced the Golden Mile, Protégé filmmakers weaved these narratives together into a short documentary film; bringing together the voices of those who worked at A.E.C Southall, Trico Folberth, and Firestone, shedding light on the cultural and historical significance of West London’s industrial past.

In partnership with Gunnersbury Park & Museum, supported by Historic England’s ‘Everyday Heritage’ grant

Film - Temples of Industry

Protégé young filmmakers

Tajshara Airey, Andrew Bell, Anouska Brooking, Emmanuel Ojua, Radwa Osman, Marktum Rwakarambwe

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The expanded project is viewable at Gunnersbury Park & Museum’s project site at: