Fluorescent Adolescent

Are The Beatles really from Birmingham?

Discovering the phenomenal contribution of British Music to a generation immersed in Hip Hop and Grime. Young people and music experts work together to uncover new reference points to create a Top 20 of the best ‘teen anthems’ from a heritage of Great British music. 

What I Thought I Knew

Here we are at the start of our musical heritage project.

How I Started to Learn

What I Know Now

What we now know about musical heritage.

Music Heritage At The Roundhouse

Balls Of Fame



Here we are interviewing the public about their musical tastes.

6 Degrees of Separation

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Marktum's Musical Map Africa

Marktum's Musical Map England

Favourite Song Interviews

Favourite Song Edited Footage

Inter-Generational Music Sharing

Our session at Westminster Music Library.