I’m Tajshara, but I like being called Jara. I’m interested in Arts and Videos. I like comedy and making people laugh, because I like being happy. I have a little sister, Allanah. We do art together and she makes me happy.

During my time at Protégé I want to make my own Art and Music and to learn more about Filmmaking.

My Art

Working on my Art at Protégé

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Tajshara-Jamaican Sunset_01
Tajshara-Jamaican Sunset_02
Tajshara and Samin working_01
Tajshara and Samin working_02
Tajshara and Samin working_03
Tajshara and Samin working_04
Tajshara and Samin working_05
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My pieces

“Smiley” by Tajshara

”Sisters” by Tajshara

”Jamaican Sunset” by Tajshara

”Protege is my Heartbeat” by Tajshara

Tajshara's Vlogs

Jara’s Jamaican Vlog

This is my first video. It is all about Jamaican food and drinks.

Hairdresser Vlog

I love to do hair. Here are some reasons why I want to be a hairdresser.