I love reading novels, writing poems and playing computer games. I adore everything Japanese especially manga animations – I would love to go to Japan.

I think there are two kinds of people, the ones that just care about themselves and the ones that care about others. I mostly put others first and mys elf second.

If I had to save a group of authors or a group of politicians I would save the authors.

Sam at Work

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At the Protégé Office

Poem (inspired by the V&A sessions)

Calling out of the midst of the storm I beg you to listen to my pleas.

“You will perish if you stay” my words seem to drift over you just as the cold rain does even to this day.

Even now I can see the lighting striking close but you are to proud to listen to one the one you profess love.

“I’ll be fine for I am a phoenix I’ll rise from the ashes.” this is what you call back to me from your high perch, that mocking smile still set on that perfect face of yours that face I cherish and will always hold dear.

Closer the beating thunder comes and so with it your death there is nothing I can do but watch and pray for god to have mercy on me and let you live for with out you I am sure to die.

My cries seem to be empty words to you, from where you  stand so high above the rest of the world almost as if you where a god, you cannot see the end that will surely come, one last time I beg you to come to me and to fly away from this place to come find a heaven to call our own.

My tears fall softly to the cold stone of the mountain, I know I should leave for if I stay I’ll die with you but my love I can’t leave you alone even for a moment, I know I must be with you until the day I take my last breath.

One last time I look up to the sky and I watch as the lighting slashes with bright light across the darkened sky, I listen as it hit’s the top of the mountain then with last of my strength I fly   to you and push you away from the falling rock.

In your place I am willing to die, for your life I give mine your now free to fly away the phoenix of my dreams.

Phoenix Project

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Under the Same Brush

Look at yourself, you were once like me.

At some point in your life you were a teenager trying to be a adult.

at some point in your life you made a mistake as well,

you paint us all under the same brush,

“Look at them all dressed like that, they must be looking for trouble.”

Why can’t you see the face under the hood?

I am just like you trying to be strong in this world of uncertainty.

My path is not set in stone yet, I still need help but where is it?

Look behind what is at face value and see the person I could become.

I go about things differently, I see things is  a different light, that doesn’t mean I am wrong, it doesn’t make me any less of a person.

Don’t talk about what you don’t understand.

“You are just here to cause trouble.”

Try looking at my eyes.

I don’t want trouble I just want to be heard.

I don’t want to scare you I just want respect.

Look at it my way and don’t forget I am the future.

Branding Masterclass

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Mozart was a smart kid that was playing music since he was four years old, as most child stars he was showered in love and attention so in fact he was a spoiled brat. When he was little he would hang around with the high ups, he spent most of his later life annoying his dad.

Anti-Role Model

Ryu is a hyperactive man, he seems to have a split personality going from being a fully grown man into being  child about the age of five years old. When he sings he completely changes and becomes determined to his art seeing singing as letting yourself shine, Ryu is happy and likes others to be happy.


Poem One

Poem Two

Sam at Home

About Me

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What I Want To Do

Student Work Plans: Sam


Sam is a young carer with a keen interest in writing. She will often spend time thinking up new ideas for poems and stories and is always adding to her large collection of work.


Sam is a poet and writer. She has a large catalogue of work across a variety of genres. Her long term ambition is to be an established creative writer and she is currently working with Protégé to develop a collection of poems for a small batch publication.

An extract from Sam’s latest work in progress:

“On a cold night in mid-November I head a knock on the door and just like I had been taught I went to my room – I wasn’t allowed to meet the company, they might get scared of how I looked – and I started to play with my trains. Mummy had brought me the trains after Father had knocked me backwards down the stairs. I loved my trains, they were blue and yellow with little red wheels that turned when I moved backwards and forwards, sometimes Mummy would play with me… but that was getting rarer and rarer now.”

Career Path

The next step for Sam will be to identify opportunities to apply her writing to professional contexts and explore avenues for her work to be published for wider audiences. This could include looking at competition brief opportunities, blogging, writing for web or even opportunities to write for television and film.


To compile a selection of work for publication

To find opportunities for skills development, such as writing courses

To explore options for the publication of her work

Working With Plan B