I’m a humble girl and I don’t like no arguments.

I enjoy going out with my friends and taking my dogs out.  I love shopping and spending time with my sister in law. 

I like spending my spare time drawing wedding dresses.  I’m so interested in fashion designing and I’ve always wanted to be either a Fashion Designer or an Actress.  At the moment, I am trying to focus on fashion designing as I find it more interested.

Relationship Tree

Special Occasion Dress

Photoshop Identity​

Today, I’ve been writing words that people would use to describe me when they see me for the first time. I also had to write words that I would like people to describe me with when they see me for the first time. Then I had to search on Google, for an image I would like people to describe me by. Then, I had to fit my face into the body.

I have created two pictures.

I have created a me Clown, because Clowns are always happy and also funny. I would like people to look at me and think that I’m a funny and happy person.

That’s the reason why I chose a Clown.

I also chose an Air Hostess and fitted my face into it because they are friendly people, happy and also kind.

Monda the Clown

Monda The Air Hostess

Wedding Dress Research

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Exhibition Research for Arts Award

Japanese Weddings

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Oh! You Pretty Things - Review

I visited the Fashion Exhibition called Oh! You Pretty Things in Liberty’s.  I had the opportunity to visit a different Fashion Exhibition, but I chose to visit Liberty’s because it sounded more interesting.  

It was an exhibition of fashion photos and I spotted a few beautiful photos.  One has a posh lady with designer labels all around her wall. She looks very confident and stares straight the photographer. The contrast was amazing; she stands out more than the background.  The other has another posh young and pretty lady sitting alongside her bed. Her hair was neatly straightened. The reason why I liked the picture, it’s because it’s very posh, neat and makes you wonder a lot. For example what does she work as to get all that money? She looks very rich. Her clothes made her stand out against the room because she was wearing a shiny leopard print jacket which is a contrast against the baby pink room with lots of soft cushions.