My name is Marktum a.k.a. REDSON. I’ve been interested in showbiz since I was young and am into dancing, acting and music.

All I need is to change my ways and be a good dad. I love ma son too much to let him down so my aim is be there for him and give him the life I never had growing up.

Marktum's Prayer

Session at V&A

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Identity Collage

About Me

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Marktum's Dance Session

Peer Mentoring - Dance Workshop

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Arts Award Portfolio

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A Positive View

The exhibition was in somerset house about photographs from very long ago. 

I pick the bbd babidi boo made by Gwon Osang  because it seem to stand out the most. The sculpture was formed of chromogenic prints and mixed media which made it look different from any thing I have ever seen it was shiny and unique from far it looks real and its got a plastic looking surface.  All in all it’s a very complicated sculpture of a girl sat down in a corner. This was made using Styrofoam as a base for the image and epoxy resin to varnish and seal of the sculpture. I get the feeling the artist is trying to show how girls may feel when they are down and I felt surprised and baffled how the sculpture was made.

Oasis Bottle

Arts Award

Marktum's Dance Promo

Student Work Plans: Marktum


Marktum began working with Protégé five years ago, having arrived in the country as a refugee from Burundi some years earlier. He came to the UK after the horrific separation of his family during civil war, an experience which naturally had a strong impact on him. Marktum has worked with Protégé to develop his confidence and creative talents. His achievements with Protégé include obtaining his level 2 Arts Award as well as developing his confidence and exploring his abilities as a dancer.


Marktum’s long term ambition is to become a highly skilled performer. He is a skilled dancer and familiar with a variety of different styles of dance. In the short term he is keen to find opportunities to improve his acting skills in order to diversify his range of performance skills.

Career Path

With his BTEC qualifications in Acting and Dance, Marktum has already demonstrated that he has a level of skill in these fields. The next step is for him to apply those skills to a professional context. Protégé will be working with Marktum to help him identify organisations that he would like to work with and to understand what professional development opportunities are available for him.

“Having done more dance than acting in the past I am now interested to learn more about acting, this will help me to create the combination of both dance and acting which will increase more opportunities and better my CV for future reference plus something to fall back on.”


To gain theatre based work experience with opportunities to develop acting skills

To increase confidence and self-presentation skills in a professional context

To broaden knowledge of the performing arts industries and to develop an understanding of the opportunities for employment and skills development in those industries. 

Work Ethos

Working With Plan B