I am a 20-year old African Afghan Glaswegian. After leaving Glasgow at age 18 with £5 in my pocket & a passion for performing arts I have spent 2 years in Brighton stablizing my life and pursuing my passion & talent. I have performed in youth projects at the Pavilion Theatre, and taken part in Brighton’s headlining fringe performances & also became an official member of The National Youth Theatre. I am very optimistic about the future & self-development.

Student Work Plans: Amyn


Amyn came to Protégé after being involved in a number of theatre and community projects in Brighton. Originally from Glasgow where he struggled with homelessness and the difficulties of hostel life, he took the decision to head south at 18 with just £5 in his pocket. Since then he has been working hard to give his life some stability. Now 20, he has already achieved a great amount, having performed in a number of theatrical events and become member of the National Youth Theatre.


Amyn is working with Protégé to identify opportunities for him to build a career as an actor. The first step in this process is for him to identify work opportunities such as paid internship programmes and work experience placements. His route into acting is not the conventional one and he is not approaching work with a theatre school background. Instead he has led a challenging and difficult life and at only 20 has already come further than many will travel in a lifetime; with Protégé’s guidance and support we aim to help him channel those experiences into the first stages of a successful career.

Career Path

There are a number of directions which Amyn could pursue to further his career goals. He already has some experience in providing mentoring and peer development as well as having a range of acting skills. He is not just interested in performing, but is keen to learn about all aspects of theatre including lighting, sound, costume and make-up. We will work with him to identify where his skill base is best applied and what opportunities are available to him, both for work and the development of professional skills.

“I now want to further myself in a productive environment to gain more experience in all dynamics of theatre. I also would like to gain more understanding in the off stage aspects such as sound production, lighting and effects and dress and make up. I believe it would excel my strengths to work closely in a theatre-based environment, which would also give me an opportunity to further myself and my understanding of the industry.”


  • To secure a work placement with a theatre or theatre company.
  • To develop skills in self presentation and application writing.
  • To broaden knowledge of the theatrical and acting industries and the career options available.