I am generally a nice person but if someone doesn’t respect me, I have a hard time respecting them. That’s why I had a lot of problems with my teachers in school.

I’m really interested in fashion and since I was little I’ve been a fashion consultant to my family and friends.

Hussein Chalayan Retrospective at Design Museum

Music: Bard Sucks ‘Dropping Out of School’.

Visiting Divina's Studio

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Design Museum Visit

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About Me

Student Work Plans: Amy


Amy has been involved in a number of Protégé’s projects in the past and has demonstrated great skill in fashion, styling and design. From an early age she has had a keen eye for dress sense and fashion, giving out styling tips to her Mum’s friends.


Amy is keen to develop a career as a fashion stylist and is in the process of developing a business plan that sets out her long-term ambition. Amy has a clear idea for how her business will look and what the ethos of her company will be. She wants to develop a business which will address the style needs of the individual by offering a personalised styling service, she intends to offer this to a variety of clients and with a range of services to suit many budgets and schedules. She has secured support from professionals working in the fashion and beauty industries.

Extracts from Amy’s Business Plan:

“A. Rae is a make over boutique, a place where all aspects of fashion are covered under one roof.

I am Amy Rae, the fashion stylist. I offer fashion styling to men and women with the desire to feel perfectly presented in everything they do”

“It is important to me that the customer actually feels comfortable with the style I choose for them. I will talk with them about what shops to buy from, what colours to wear and what style and shapes will enhance their best bits and how to flatter their not so nice bits.

After an image consultation, the customer will be measured then styles into a variety of different outfits for everyday wear, business events and evening dress. They will have the choice of buying the outfits as well as any other clothing we have in store, or simply use the outfits as a demonstration of what style of clothes suit them best according to the individuals shape, age, size and personality.”

Career Path

The next step for Amy is to work out how the concept outlined in her business plan translates into achievable goals. Protégé will work with her to develop her business plan and skills in business strategy and planning. Through this experience we hope to increase her range of professional skills and entrepreneurial ability, giving her the tools to make her long-term dream of running a stylist boutique a reality.


  • To develop the business plan past the concept stage.
  • To broaden and develop business management and planning skills
  • To develop skills in writing for professional contexts by creating a business plan.

Working with Plan B