Kathy has been working with young people on creative projects for many years. She is driven by being able to introduce them to new ideas and ways of thinking, but this work is always a two way street, as Kathy learns as much from every experience as they do from her.

Kathy is a textile designer inspired by the fusion of craft skills with new technologies, and she graduated from MA Textiles Futures at Central Saint Martins College.

Intelligent Fabric

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Electric Leaves


About My Designs

I am a textile designer and weaver and I’m fascinated by the way light affect the surface of a fabric.

My research developed in my Woven light collection, where I created colour changing and light emitting textiles by using a range of new threads that react to light.

In these textiles different aspects of the design are magically revealed, depending on the time of day and lighting conditions. As the function is part of the material, it needs no other power or technology except sunlight.

I am now developing these textiles for numerous applications, including fashion and sportswear, interiors and interactive design feature in the built environment. 

Hussein Chalayan Exhibition

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