Amy is a set and costume designer who works principally in theatre. Her work also includes costume making, scenic art, and set construction. She has a specific interest in physical theatre and devised work. Whilst at school, Amy struggled with dyslexia but has overcome this, channeling her education in a creative direction. She has a passion for education through theatre and works with several education / outreach programs.

Theatre Set Model Box

Costume Drawing 'Lulu' The Opera

Costume Drawing 'School for Scandal'

Design Sketch

West Side Story Costumes

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Monda's Wedding Dress Research

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Asher's Skate Park Project

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Research – Sketch and Photographs.

Asher's Project

Asher is passionate about skating and art. When asked what he wanted to be when he was older he said either a professional skateboarder or an artist.

I decided to tailor the project to these interests, encouraging and developing them. Asher has done some modeling of his own and i wanted to push this further. We decided to create a model skate park which could be used with a tech deck ( a mini skate board).

We began to research skate parks. We visited skate park in south London and photographed it. We then visited the South Bank where Asher sketched and photographed some of the graffiti.