Introduction to Hannah’s book: 24 Hour Day


Hannah Deakin is a Protégé. She was referred to us as a young person who has not been able to access mainstream education due to a netball injury which she sustained at secondary school. Hannah’s story is highly unusual as she not only endured pain at the time of the accident but has endured pain ever since.

Hannah experiences pain for every minute of every single twenty four hour day.

Hannah is special, like so many Protégé students she accepts her situation but doesn’t let this compromise her creativity and cerebral prowess. Protégé has worked with her to develop her writing skills and tell the story from her side of the hospital curtain.

This is a story of a medical condition from the inside looking out, seeing the nurses, doctors and drugs that dominate Hannah’s day as she clings to her sense of self as a young woman and not just a patient. All the while she continues in her unceasing quest to overcome the pain that she is fighting. As an individual Hannah is a continual fighter, as a student of Protégé she is an inspiration to other Protégé students who hear of her situation and follow her progress on Protégé website.

Hannah’s rare condition is know as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. The medical issues surrounding her situation are explored here in an introduction by a leading specialist in the field, Professor Candy McCabe (also a Protégé trustee).

This manuscript is a sample of work that Protégé is developing further with the expertise of Professor McCabe. For the next stage we hope to attract interest from publishers as we believe that this highly unusual story of the claustrophobic world behind the hospital curtain would be of interest to a wider medical and non-medical audience who, like us, would be moved, informed and inspired by Hannah’s optimism and endeavour. 


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