Fluorescent Adolescent? Looking for the voice of the modern generation in the past


Our young people, with guidance from music experts, are working together on a project of discovery. Tracing the phenomenal contribution of British Music to a generation immersed in Hip Hop and Grime. With a goal of uncovering new reference points to create a brand new Top 20 of the best ‘teen anthems’ from a heritage of Great British music.

Music making workshop (above) with Myles. Our students are sampling beats and sounds from history and using them to create new contemporary styles of music. They’ll also be taking the lyrics from some of the best music Britain has to offer and see what is still relevant to them today (below).

Talking about my generation?

Our young people journeyed into the past to understand how the idea of the ‘Teenager’ had evolved. Would they find connection between the struggles they face today and the stories of the youth from the past?

What was surprising was how when they stripped away all the aesthetic and sounds of the past and simply read the words… it was just as valid as the voices from the youth today.

Find out more about this project and their journey by visiting our Fluorescent Adolescent project page!

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