Fluorescent Adolescent? Inter-generational music sharing

Fluorescent Adolescent? Inter-generational music sharing 06

Our young people have been dropping pre-conceptions left, right, and centre when it comes to what music they thought was most relevant to them today. As it turns out, when you just focus on the song, not just the production or the ‘beat’, history is filled with songs that are still as meaningful today as they were when they were released.

To explore this even further, our learners have been interviewing people on the street in Camden to ask them what their favourite song was as a teenager, and why!

No matter the age of the person, everyone had a favourite song. What was even more exciting was that some of our young people had been growing up listening to these songs already. And they already had a fondness for them which made them re-think why they liked the music they liked.

One of our groups had the chance to interview their teachers (something not always done) about the music they liked. And we even had the chance to go meet an open age group at Westminster Library where our young people had a chance to share their current musical tastes with a group of people with whom they shared a much wider age gap.

And… cure some breakdancing!

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