Mike Tyson

Now retired, American boxer Mike Tyson was the undisputed heavyweight champion and remains the youngest man ever to win world heavyweight titles. 

Tyson’s father abandoned him at the age of two and he was raised by his mother.

Mike Tyson by Carl

Mike Tyson is one of the best all time fighters to ever step in the ring.

  • Mike Gerald Tyson was born in 1966.
  • Mike’s father left him even before he was born.
  • His mother, being poor and a single mum had no choice but to live in Brooklyn (New York) in an area that was violent and corrupt.
  • He was abandoned and taken under his wing by a boxing trainer.
  • He was then surrounded by boxing and his trainer saw he had great talent.
  • Mike then moved out from his mums home and got adopted by his trainer.

The violence around the area he lived in and the anger inside of him to make him more violent – I can relate to that because it’s me.